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Changing Departments

(This post was last modified: 09 Nov, 11, 22:41 by Webbies.)

The Title says It all.
As from next monday i should be moving to a diffrent department within the company i work for.
So you may ask? What use is this information To you?
Well its very useful. For me to move to another department and work every weekend for them, My terms were i have every Tuesday & Thursday as my days off, And they accepted my terms.
So this now free's mary up for raiding those 2 days.
This should all take effect as from monday 14\11\2011. But there maybe a slight chance it could be monday a week later.

So hope to see you on thursday very soon.

PConfused The rest of the week i won't be back home before 10pm gmt which cuts me out of most runs hence i wont be online for very long.


Good news for our raids, don't work too hard though! Smile


From the post, it makes it easy to understand even more.

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